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Let me help build your brand and get you noticed. I have no niche, if it can be captured, then leave it to me.

Ryan Chatfield | shutterbug, and creative nut.

I love the ability to be creative when capturing a moment in time. The whole process from initial concept to final delivery is a real pleasure. There is art in the pre-production, during the production and even more so in the post-production. It’s always satisfying to hear clients say that it’s exactly what they had hoped for and more.

I love the ocean. I get excited about AFL football. I worked as a commercial diver. My wife makes incredible lasagna. I love flying drones. I want to go to Iceland. I’m blessed with two beautiful children. I’m obsessed with Great White sharks, that’s probably why JAWS is my favorite movie. I love Hip-Hop. I tried stand up comedy a few times. I’m an Apple fan and called my dog Mac after my computer. I’m a sucker for new technology. I’m allergic to peanuts. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m a lover of light. Dawn is my favorite time of day. I love graffiti, I hate tagging. I like Billy Joel. I’ve saved a mans life before. I like to back Kickstarter projects. I’m a coffee fanatic. I enjoy public speaking. I’m a people person. And I’m probably a lot like you

“Ryan was a content specialist. We flew him internationally for multiple projects because we knew he could deliver what we needed in a fast efficient and high-quality manner. Covering photography and video production for our business, this guy smashed the brief out of the park. ”

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