Last weekend RCI was down in the south of WA filming for a music video for DJ and producer Diistortiion.

It happened to coincide with the biggest storm of the year! Conditions were incredible, massive swell and destructive winds made for a raw and wonderful display of mother natures power. Looking for cool places to film we ventured down to Canal Rocks, one of the most famous tourists location in the region. As the name describes a natural canal runs through huge rock formations. On this particular day it resembled a raging torrent. Filled with surge and white water as thousands of tonnes of water tried to force its way through the narrow gap.

As we approached in our cars we could see walls of water up to 5m high rolling through the bay and geysers of water shooting 30ft in the air as a result of waves crashing into rock formations.

We got out of our cars and headed down to the bridge to find a group of young guys having the time of their lives! Jumping off the bridge into the  treacherous waters for fun. Backflipping and riding an assortment of boards including a inflatable shark, these guys were facing the storm front on. Getting swept under the bridge and clambering to grab onto some ropes that they had tied to the bridge, they were hanging on for the ride of their life.

Luckily I had my camera with me and I knew what I was seeing would gather some interest on social media and the news. Sure it might be dangerous but I saw it as young, fit, confident local surfers having some fun. What kind of world do we live in if you can’t take a risk any more? It’s character building.

My video was the opening story on both news channels 7 and 9. In addition picked up by a media agency to publicise world wide. But the most rewarding for me was a feature on the Shock Mansion site. I love this website, it’s got all the coolest content and Im stoked that my video was deemed cool enough to be featured.

Check out the video below.

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