Stingas and Seals was a collaboration with my team from Terra Australis.

We are always on the search for incredible underwater imagery and close encounters with unique marine animals. As you can see from this film we had a truly unique experience with a massive smooth ray in Rottnest Island.

Join the lads from Terra Australis as the discover and explore ‘The Hole’.

Teaming up with chief Eyewear the guys stumble across a 50m deep crevice in the reef that is deep and dark.

What could possibly lie in wait at the bottom?

HECS Stealth Screen suit is the latest in wetsuit technology.

Helping to eliminate the electrical impulses given off by the human body the HECs suit allows you to get closer to marine life than ever before.

We were commissioned by HECS to produce a promotional video to be used to showcase their product at a international trade show in USA in addition to featuring on the HECS website.

Mani Bisschops is a up and coming WA kiteboarder sponsored by the team at Specialist Kiteboarding.

RCI teamed up with Mani to produce his 2015 highlight clip.

Combining 3 different camera angles from land, air and sea we provided him with a dynamic and exciting promotional video.